I'm the (proud) idiot in the center with my hands raised.

We fell in line before 8 a.m. with hopes to meet the tan man with the tall white hair. Years of watching television told us to go in bold colors for this taping of The Price Is Right and a hokey but genuine saying for Bob Barker. "Childhood Dreams Do Come True" read our neon green T-shirts with iron-on, velvet pink letters.

Barker had recently announced his impending retirement, and the five-hour-long row of folks that swooped around the show's southern California locale, The Grove, teemed with talk about what people would say to Barker if given the chance. There were thank yous and I love yous and proclamations about pets. I felt confident I could wing it; after all, earlier in the week, I'd introduced myself to Delbert, my estranged grandfather.

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AuthorEmily Wallace